Automatic lubrication systems

Automatic central lubrication systems contribute to improving the quality level and reliability of industrial mechanization. Wiejelo Industrial specializes in lubrication systems. We have decades of experience, specialization, professionals and size.

More than 50% of unplanned downtime or downtime in the industry is related to poor lubrication. The essence of the added value of automatic central lubrication is the permanent filling of a lubricant that separates the friction surfaces. Any form in which the direct introduction of lubricant is directly dependent on human action results in failure and an inevitable risk of unplanned downtime.

Lubrication systems are widely used. Chains can be lubricated by an oil-air minimum lubrication system, guides, ball bearings by a single-line, volumetric or progressive system with oil or grease. This is just a selection of everything that moves and needs to be lubricated.

Advantages of an automated lubrication system

  • Lubrication while running gives better distribution of lubricants, less wear and longer life.
  • Prevent over-lubrication, contamination, save lubricant, promote durability.
  • Prevent under-lubrication, less friction, less energy consumption, reduce wear on bearings or mechanical parts.
  • Save manual work and dependence on human action.
  • Difficult access to lubrication points, does not present any danger or hindrance


  • Conveyors Chain conveyors
  • Food and beverage
  • Machine tools and metal machining
  • Saw machines
  • Press
  • Marine & Offshore
  • Mining and construction
  • Paper and wood processing
  • Steel, aluminum
  • Textiles


DropsA has developed a wide range of standard electric, pneumatic and hydraulic lubrication pumps packages suitable for oil loss systems.

Bravo Pump

The BRAVO electric pump is a piston pump predisposed to operate with a maximum of three pumping units, with or without internal by-pass.


The electrical action PoliPUMP is the easy, fast and convenient solution for lubrication of multi-point systems.


The SUMO II ATEX pump is the DropsA electric pump with a protective casing that makes it ideal for use in Zone 1 and 1, Zone 2 and 22 (ATEX) explosion-risk environments.


We have all types of divider block: the main systems that we offer are the progressive divider block, used for progressive installations combine with pumps like Bravo, and the dual line system, available booth in the modular and monoblock version, that is generally used with SUMO pumps.


The VIP5 controller has been designed with an extensive set of parameters that offer unrivalled ease and flexibility for controlling and monitoring your automatic lubrication system – from a simple timed system, injector, progressive or dual line system.

Universal Control Unit

Wiejelo also provide Universal Control Unit UC-1N. It is a new controller designed for controlling and monitoring of centralized Lubrication systems. It’s widely used on engineering machinery, vehicles and single line centralized lubrication systems.


We have all types of divider block: the main systems that we offer are the progressive divider block, used for progressive installations combine


The SMX/SMO modular dividers are capable of guaranteeing precise lubrication while maximizing the efficiency of lubrication systems.


The modular dividers with a cylinder block base for DUAL LINE SYSTEMS consist of: Cylinder block valve.