Indirect Fire Suppression System

The indirect system only uses the detection tube to detect a fire. The valve at the top of the cylinder is opened when the tube bursts due to the combination of radiant heat and pressure in the tube. This will cause the extinguishing agent to be transported to strategically placed nozzles and then released into the protected area.

Direct Fire Suppression System

The direct fire suppression system detects a fire by means of a unique and patented detection tube system. This heat sensitive polymer tube is constantly pressurized with nitrogen and reacts to heat in combination with the radiant heat emitted by fire. Any flame which comes into contact with the tube will cause it to burst. Pressure is lost and the extinguishing agent is released via the opening created in the burst tube.

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Every day, equipment is destroyed by fire across the globe. Most fires start in the engine compartment. An automatic fire suppression system detects the fire at an early stage and immediately puts it out

Dry Agent Systems

Provides the fastest fire knockdown and can get into those hard-to-reach areas where fire may hide.

Amerex Dry-ICS Systems

Combines the strengths of both agents and provides the best possible fire protection
option by providing rapid fire knockdown with dry agent and the cooling effects of the ICS liquid agent system

Amerex Vehicle Fire System Features

  • System Control Panel
  • Automatic Detection
  • Agent Cylinders
  • Distribution Network
  • System Actuation